Grandezza 37 CA Owner's Opinion

“The quality of the finishing makes the boat truly stand out.”

Owner’s opinion: Grandezza 37 CA

I have been around water from an early age starting off water skiing behind our families Broom and Fletcher speed boats. I then took up all types of canoeing, kayaking and later on sups keeping my keen interest in anything water. It wasn’t until about 8 years ago I bought my first speed boat, an 18 foot Stingray bow rider, a beautiful boat. After my children lost interest I sold this and had a gap of about 4 years before I decided to visit Southampton boat show in 2019. The last time I went was back when I was a teenager!

After walking around the show for several hours I kept finding myself back at the Grandezza stand with Don and Kevin from Gibbs Quay Boat Sales dreaming of the day I could own one.

The next weekend I went down to Southampton to look at a really nice second hand closed cockpit cruiser and knew this was the type of boat I now wanted but I was really wary of an older boat.

The owner showing me around gave me a free ticket to the boat show so off I went and straight back to the Grandezza stand looking yet closely and falling in love with the Grandezza 28 OC. Within minutes I was signing the documents to take ownership in October 2019.
I had some wonderful times on the 28 OC with my son aged 16 and my two cocker spaniels Bruno and Douglas. We cruised from Cobbs Quay in Poole along the Jurassic Coast visiting gorgeous places like Weymouth, Lulworth Cove, Old Harry Rocks and Bournemouth.

After spending a few months on her and then not any time during COVID lockdown I realized that the boat wasn’t big enough for my son and two dogs and started to get excited about owning the Grandezza 34 OC and even dreaming of owning the Grandezza 37 CA!

I visited Gibbs Quay Boat Sales and saw both the 34 OC and 37 CA were next to each other. There was no competition anymore. I knew then the 37 CA would win the day! By July I was the very lucky and proud owner of the amazing Grandezza 37 CA.

There are many fantastic things about Grandezza 37 CA. I love the living area in the cockpit, it’s a warm cosy place to spend time. And when the weather allows you can open the patio sliding doors, open the giant sunroof and enjoy the outside coming in. The wide deep walkway and helm door are also really useful features as is the joystick control. The huge storage area below the cockpit is also a great advantage.

Not to mention the sun deck on the bow of the boat which my son and two dogs enjoy whilst cruising at slower speeds, he sits at the front on the lounge chair with his speaker. When I look round at other similar size and price cruisers the quality of the finishing touches makes the Grandezza 37 CA truly stand out. It’s head and shoulders above most other comparable cruisers!

Andy, United Kingdom