Grandezza 37 CA

Review: Is Grandezza 37 CA the best boat you’ve never heard of?

Europe’s most influential motor boat magazine Motor Boat & Yachting took our flagship model 37 CA for a test drive in the beautiful surroundings of Poole in Southern England.

Established in 1904 the magazine is the oldest motorboat magazine there is and it is trusted by boating enthusiasts for its impartial boat tests, expert cruising features and advice.

We are privileged to be featured in such a high-class magazine and feel truly honoured that our sportscruiser has made such an impact. Deputy Editor Jack Haines sincerely names 37 CA “the best boat you’ve never heard of” already in the headline of his review.

The full review of the Grandezza 37 CA can be found in the August 2020 edition of Motor Boat & Yachting and a short version on the MBY website at: But let us take a brief look at some of the highlights of the article.

We at Grandezza call the 37 CA a true eye catcher because of her elegant lines. The impressive design has also been noticed by the magazine, although it seems it is something almost taken for granted.

“The Grandezza 37 CA encompasses the thoughtful design and quality finish we expect from a Finnish boat.”

Besides being stylish, the dynamically designed hull of Grandezza 37 CA rides smoothly through the water. This makes it possible to enjoy the exciting freedom of open-air cruising.

“An increase in speed brings with it a greater sense of what this boat might be capable of. With Zipwake’s excellent trim system fitted as standard and Volvo Penta Trim Assist taking care of the angle of the sterndrives there is very little to think about for the person on the helm.“

A lot of effort has been put into making the Grandezza 37 CA as easy to handle as possible. And it seems that the extraordinary ease of handling came as a bit of a surprise for the test team.

“Throw the wheel in hard and the Grandezza 37 CA banks with devilish tenacity, the stern sweeping around in a controlled glide in the manner of a sportsboat half the size.”

Motor Boat & Yachting’s popular boat test videos have been viewed over 28 million times. Below you can find the 17 minutes long video featuring the test drive and yacht tour with Grandezza 37 CA.