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Our passion is the life at sea. From our minds and hands to yours, built at the beautiful shores of Finland.


From the beautiful shores of Finland

Grandezza boats are built in the picturesque seaside towns on the western coast of Finland by the beautiful Gulf of Bothnia. We are proud to be a part of the strong boat building and seafaring heritage of our charming region. Today we have three active boat yards in the area where all our boats are designed and built.
The greater Ostrobothnia region is considered as the birthplace of the Finnish boat building tradition. To this day, the majority of the country's boat building industry operates in the area. This age-old, skilled tradition is reflected in the ambition that our boat builders have for their craft, resulting in the uncompromised quality and design of Grandezza.
The proximity of the untamed sea and the versatile conditions of the vast northern archipelago have set a high standard for the quality and comfort of Grandezza. The Nordic archipelago and seasonal weather changes work as an unforgiving testing and developing environment for our boats. Thanks to our challenging proving grounds, every Grandezza boat is designed and built to provide our customers with comfortable and prestigious moments at sea - regardless of the conditions.

    It all started from our passion for the life at sea

    The dawn of the story dates back to 1990, when two visionary and experienced boat builders and friends began building boats under the famous Finnmaster brand. In addition to their ambition towards the life at sea, the men shared a strong vision of crafting the perfect boat. All this combined with their vast experience and uncompromising attitude towards quality and craftsmanship laid a strong foundation for one of the greatest success stories in the Finnish boat building industry.
    Offering impeccable quality both in design and craftsmanship, it did not take long for Finnmaster to become one of the leading boat brands in the Scandinavian region. As the fleet extended to larger boats, it was time to come up with something unique and truly exquisite in the field of Finnish boat building. The stage was set for a new luxurious boat brand: in 2005, the first Grandezza was delivered to its proud owner. Ever since, our professional boat builders have crafted and delivered Grandezza boats of the highest quality, ranging from 23 to 40 feet, to demanding yachtsmen and women all over Europe.

    Grandezza boat

    It's all about the feeling

    We put a lot of time in thinking about how the owners experience the boat: how it handles in different conditions, how the family and guests can enjoy their time on board, how it feels to wake up in the cabin - and so much more. All these aspects truly define the prestigious moments at sea.
    Our design philosophy draws from our vast experience as active seafarers and from continuously listening to our customers. It is the feedback, the stories, the experiences and the suggestions we get from our customers that help us drive our development to new heights. All this combined with our wealth of experience - complemented with the use of the latest technologies and top-quality materials and components - ensures that we are able to build boats that do not compromise.
    The demanding conditions of the Nordic archipelago put quality, practicality and safety into the heart of our every design decision. The exterior and interior layouts are designed for convenience and comfort to cater the needs of even the most demanding owners in all conditions. From how the hull cuts through the water all the way to the comforts of the boat's inviting saloon and ample cabin storage space, every single aspect is diligently designed to ensure perfect times at sea.

    Grandezza boat

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    From the heart to the hands

    Our skilled boat builders and designers take great pride in their masterful craft. The meticulous design and handcrafted building process, combined with numerous inspection checkpoints throughout the entire process ensure that every Grandezza boat is crafted to the highest standards. In short: we are truly dedicated to delivering our customers nothing short of perfection.
    Every boat is a unique being, a beautiful and complicated combination of carefully chosen parts, components and materials. Thus we demand the same uncompromised dedication towards quality from all our partners and suppliers. Every material and component used in our boats is of the highest quality. They are carefully chosen and thoroughly tested to make sure we are able to provide our customers with the finest experiences in every sense, down to the tiniest detail.
    To ensure complete satisfaction, comfort and safety for the new Grandezza owners, every boat undergoes a detailed testing program before leaving our shipyard where everything is fine-tuned to perfection. We don't take shortcuts — ever.
    These are the values behind the renowned Grandezza Quality. They come from the heart of our designers and builders who are the ones that give life to these state- of-the-art boats with their skilled hands. The result is what you see on these pages.

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