25 S

The ultimate day cruiser for celebrating good times at sea



Designed and built in Ostrobothnia, Finland, Grandezza motorboats are highly esteemed by yachtsmen and women all over Europe. The unparalleled design combined with the finest quality in craft and precision in every detail make Grandezza the perfect companion for prestigious times at sea. Step aboard to enjoy the seas with Grandezza.

37 CA

Beam 3.50 m

Length 11.55 m

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34 OC

Beam 3.23 m

Length 10.03 m

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30 CA

Beam 2.99 m

Length 9.40 m

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28 OC

Beam 2.85 m

Length 8.78 m

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28 DC

Beam 2.85 m

Length 8.78 m

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25 S

Beam 2.51 m

Length 7.53 m

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Strong tradition with modern design

Grandezza boats are designed, built, and tested for prestige and perseverance by the ferocious waves of the Gulf of Bothnia. The west coast of Finland is globally renowned for its boat building tradition. In Grandezza boats, that heritage manifests in meticulous handiwork, resulting in products of the highest quality in their class.

Lifestyle of freedom, in spirit and on seas.

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