Our story – Jari Kaattari

Finn-Marin member:
since 1999
Favorite Grandezza along the years:
Grandezza 28 OC

Our longtime colleague, Jari Kaattari, will leave for well-deserved retirement. Jari began in 1993 to work in the field of boat industry which he felt fascinated about. In 1999, he started working as an Office Manager at Oy Finn-Marin Ltd and today he is the Operative Director and responsible for production planning and human resource management. For almost 25 years he has traveled every day to work from Himanka to Kokkola a distance on 110 km. All these years he has always come to work with a smile on his face.

As the company has developed, also Jari’s job description has expanded and brought new challenges, which makes his work interesting. He enjoys following the process of boat manufacturing together with the staff. An unforgettable moment was in years 2001 when production shifted from single boat production to line production. This was a great advance for the company and especially for boat cost accounting, as now it was possible to clock every stage of the work separately.

Jari’s favorite Grandezza boat is the Grandezza 28 OC.

Sports has always been close to Jari’s heart and he has been a member in many sports clubs. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his children and grandchildren. He also likes gardening and work out together with his wife.

Over the years, Jari has many interesting stories to tell, but we leave things for him to be told. We want to thank Jari for all these years and wish him good retirement days!